SSP wins deal to provide in-flight meals for Scandinavian Airlines


SSP Norway has secured a contract to provide in-flight meals to Scandinavian carrier, SAS at Bergen Airport. As part of the deal, SSP’s team is producing 3,000 meals per week on-site at Bergen Airport.

SSP is managing every stage of the production and delivery process – from sourcing ingredients to loading the specially packed meals onto planes via bespoke designed high-loaders.

In line with SSP’s wider sustainability goals and the high standards for food service, specified by SAS, SSP Norway has developed tailored in-flight menus at Bergen, with a focus on healthy food options, locally sourced raw materials wherever possible, and stringent processes to reduce food waste.

Bente Brevik, Managing Director of SSP Norway said; “We have worked with SAS for a number of years and the provision of new in-flight services at Bergen Airport is an exciting next step in our relationship. Credit must go to our operational teams across Norway who came together to share knowledge and expertise to achieve outstanding service by our team at the airport. Our colleagues have quickly come to understand the complex procedures required, delivering excellence at every step.”

SSP is now looking to expand its operations at the airport. It aims to build on its established production processes and maximise the use of its kitchen facilities to produce food items for sale across the terminal. SSP will also be using its production facilities in Bergen to provide catering on trains in the region later in 2023. The company also has aspirations to expand provision of in-flight meal services across Norway in the future.

A major travel hub in Norway, Bergen Airport is the eleventh location at which SSP provides in-flight meals for SAS.