Turning challenges into opportunities to drive positive change

Today, there is a greater than ever understanding of the contributions of the food sector to some of the world’s most significant sustainability challenges. Meanwhile, there is a growing body of evidence highlighting the opportunities that a shift to more sustainable food systems can deliver for people and the planet.

Our Sustainability Strategy seeks to address our own impacts and contribution to key sustainability challenges in the food travel sector as well as leverage emerging opportunities to drive positive change. We see this as our responsibility.

And, as we operate at an intersection of different sectors and stakeholders, we are in a unique position to be able to bring our different stakeholders together to catalyse action and work in partnership to deliver a shared vision for a sustainable food travel sector.

Our strategic approach

Our Sustainability Strategy focuses on the three key areas of Product, Planet and People, and is underpinned by high standards of governance. Our 10 key commitments address the most important social and environmental issues for our business and stakeholders.

Our strategy also aligns with a number of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals – including zero hunger, responsible consumption and production, good health and well-being and climate action. It’s important to us that we contribute to these global priorities for 2030.

Our 3 strategic focus areas



See how we're increasing healthy and sustainable choices, sourcing responsibly and supporting animal welfare



See how we're reducing our climate impact, transitioning to sustainable packaging and reducing food waste.



See how we're promoting diversity, equity and conclusion, protecting safety and wellbeing, respecting human rights and supporting our communities.

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Harnessing our culinary expertise to reimagine food for people and the planet

When it comes to our recipes and menus, we’re taking an integrated approach to delivering outcomes for both climate and health. 

There is a growing body of evidence demonstrating that transitioning to diets rich in plants and whole grains, while reducing reliance on animal proteins, can yield a triple win for the climate, nature and
people’s health.

Leveraging this research and our culinary expertise, we are crafting great tasting, healthier and more sustainable dishes that benefit both people and the planet.

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Strategy in action

Working in partnership to advance sustainability goals

Sustainability is an increasing priority for many of our clients. They are looking to food and beverage operators to support their objectives and help to make the airport experience as sustainable as it can be.

We collaborate closely with our clients on areas such as energy efficiency, waste management and recycling, often helping to pilot and implement new initiatives.

And we are curating innovative brand concepts to meet customer preferences for healthier, locally-sourced and sustainable foods options.

We are also proud to join forces with many of our brand partners in a collective effort to deliver shared sustainability commitments.

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Strategy in action

Leveraging the power of digital and technology to drive momentum

Leveraging digital technology is a key strategic priority for SSP, driving efficiency enhancing the customer experience and helping us achieve our sustainability commitments.

We have an ambitious programme of work underway to enhance and upgrade our internal systems, including a global inventory management system to better track ingredients, products and materials across our global business. It will provide real-time data and analytics to help reduce waste and boost efficiency.

We’re making substantial investments to upgrade to more energy-efficient equipment and we're working with partners to implement cloud-based building management systems that automate and monitor critical areas like air-conditioning and lighting.

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