SSP-owned brand, Millie’s Cookies has teamed up with the leading cloud kitchen operator, Wraps and Wings to launch an exciting range of Millie’s Cookies themed milkshakes and desserts aimed at driving more choice and a better experience for customers.

The Millie’s Cookies dessert range has been specifically developed for cloud kitchen operators in collaboration with Wraps & Wings, taking into consideration preparation time and transportation.

The range has proved so popular that following initial trials, it has been rolled out to 30 Wraps & Wings cloud kitchens. The concept requires minimal training and focuses on combining Millie’s classic cookies with trending desserts in the market.

Safwan Shaikh, Brand Manager at Wraps & Wings said; “Having a strong and credible brand like Millie’s Cookies has allowed us to fill a key gap in our range and has driven both average transaction values and margin. We also love the operational simplicity as the desserts can be prepared and be ready for collection in less than 5 minutes. Following great customer feedback, the desserts are now available across our network.”

Rob Strang, Head of Millie’s Cookies franchising at SSP said; “Building on a very successful franchising operation, this is a great extension to the Millie’s Cookies brand. We had a lot of fun developing this range and are very excited to bring this to market. Whilst the range is principally aimed at the cloud kitchen operators, it has a wider reach for any business that is looking for a value adding branded dessert offer.”