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    For travellers looking for healthier food and drink options, Haven at Oslo Airport offers the perfect solution. The bespoke concept offers a wealth of tasty and nutritious meals based on recipes where fruits, vegetables, nuts and pulses feature heavily.

    Health is at the very heart of Haven’s offering. Shelves are brimming with fruit and vegetable smoothies and juices freshly prepared on site, while a ‘help yourself’ salad bar sits directly at the centre of the unit. Haven has also become famous for its legendary ‘smoothie bowls’, a thicker version of a classic smoothie enriched with added fruit and almond milk and a choice of other delicious ingredients ranging from nuts and coconut flakes to spinach and avocado.

    Haven was recognised at the Moodie FAB Awards in 2018, where it was a regional winner in the Airport ‘Food to Go’ category. The brand is also being expanded with the launch of new units at Trondheim Airport and Helsinki Airport.

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    Upper Crust

    Upper Crust has been serving freshly-baked baguettes to customers since 1986 with the opening of its first site at Waterloo Station. Since then, the brand has grown to more than 100 stores operating in more than 15 countries, demonstrating its universal appeal among customers around the world.

    The premium product range, from the famous hand-filled baguettes, flatbreads and sandwiches to delicious pastries and muffins, is specifically tailored to travellers looking to eat and drink on the go. The brand also offers handcrafted coffee made by expert baristas.

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    Camden food co.

    Launched specifically for the travel market by SSP in 2007, Camden food co.’s mission is to provide healthy, yet indulgent food options to time-pressed passengers. The delicatessen and market-style outlet offers a wide selection of freshly-prepared sandwiches that are ideal for health-conscious customers without compromising on taste. An extensive range of meat, fish, vegetarian, vegan and carb-free salads are available along with hearty and delicious soups.

    The brand has now been successfully launched in other markets, including North America. Most recently, SSP has introduced Camden food co. to passengers in Israel and the Philippines, making it a truly international brand with universal appeal.


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    Cabin is a classic bar concept that offers customers a comprehensive range of hand-selected wines and cocktails alongside light bites and delicious premium classics.

    SSP has introduced the Cabin concept to some of the UK’s busiest transport spots, including Manchester Airport, London Paddington and London Waterloo. Cabin also made its debut in the Philippines with the launch of a unit at the T2 Terminal at Mactan-Cebu International Airport, with an architecturally designed bar and seating and statement lighting feature.

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    Inspired by Italian café culture, Ritazza offers customers the complete espresso bar experience – from superior coffee made by professional baristas using the highest quality beans, to a wide range of hot and cold food.

    The Ritazza team has been perfecting its craft for more than 30 years. Over the years, it has brought the Ritazza concept to a number of new territories, including the Philippines and Norway. Each Ritazza unit is unique, with coffee blends and menu choices adapted to suit local tastes.