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    Situated at the heart of Düsseldorf Airport, Hausmann’s restaurant provides passengers with the very best in homestyle German cuisine. The concept, created by Patrick Rüther and celebrity chef Tim Mälzer, has been making waves among food lovers with its contemporary twist on classic dishes.

    The word ‘hausmann’ translates from German as ‘plain fare’, and this is reflected in the restaurant’s look and feel, which features vintage styling and warm oak wood highlights. The menu caters for all day parts, with a robust breakfast range of sandwiches, fruits and smoothies, as well as lunchtime dishes such as roasted chicken and knuckle of veal and an extensive range of locally-sourced craft beer.

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    Acclaimed restaurant Wahlburgers is the creation of Paul Wahlberg, executive chef and brother of Hollywood superstars Mark and Donnie Wahlberg, who all jointly own the chain.

    SSP partnered with Wahlburgers to launch its first travel location at Toronto Pearson International Airport in 2016. The 2,700 square foot site provides ample seating for customers looking to take the weight off their feet and enjoy one of chef Paul’s signature dishes, including freshly-ground beef burgers, ‘tater tots’ and ‘Mother Alma’s famous macaroni salad’.

  • Saboten

    Originating in the west Shinjuku district, Tokyo in 1966, Saboten is the largest traditional Japanese tonkatsu (fried pork cutlet) chain in Japan, with nearly 500 restaurants in Asia. The brand is renowned for its excellent service, affordable prices and standout dishes such as its special homemade tonkatsu sauce and Koshihikari rice.

    SSP opened its first Saboten store in 2010 and now operates the brand  at Singapore Changi International Airport.

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    Taco Bar

    Since 1983, Taco Bar has been bringing a taste of Tex-Mex to Swedish consumers with its extensive range of novel recipes and authentic dishes.

    SSP teamed up with Taco Bar in 2018 to launch its 40thunit at Stockholm Arlanda Airport. The restaurant has 130 seats and incorporates a large bar where guests can escape the hustle and bustle of the terminal and relax with an ice-cold Corona or Margarita. The food menu offers a wide range of options, including Taco Bar’s own Nacho De Luxe and Mex Mix, along with more than 250 vegetarian options.

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    SSP opened the world’s first ‘BITE&BITE with LINE FRIENDS’ Café at Hong Kong International Airport in January 2019, giving guests the opportunity to eat and drink alongside the popular LINE FRIENDS characters.

    ‘BITE&BITE with LINE FRIENDS’ Café offers signature Korean-style sauce and condiments with special recipes. The exclusive menu combines two distinct styles, Korean and western, to satisfy the varying tastes of the airport’s diverse customer mix. Ten beverages are featured, including Hong Kong-style drinks, coffees and iced teas along with local favourites such as include local HK Milk Tea, Mangosteen and Lychee Passion. Diners can also select from a wide range of LINE FRIENDS souvenir items at the café, including plush toys, blankets, and travel storage bags.

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    Le Train Bleu

    An architectural masterpiece that is the pride of the Gare de Lyon train station, Le Train Bleu takes guests on a culinary journey that celebrates the rich heritage of French fine dining.

    The restaurant’s stunning interior dates from the Belle Époque era, and its ornate gilding, polished floors, wood panelling and leather seating make it one of the most luxuriously fashioned restaurants in Europe. The food is inspired by classic French cuisine, created using traditional techniques and the finest ingredients. Recipes are also recrafted to suit modern tastes and change on a seasonal basis, keeping the menu fresh and exciting.