SSP in Australia

In 2009, SSP entered the Australian airport landscape with the inaugural launch at Sydney International Airport before progressing into Brisbane and Hobart Airports soon after.

In 2019, we acquired 14 food & beverage units from Australian hospitality company Red Rock, taking control of all their food & beverage operations throughout Perth and Melbourne Airports.

In 2024, we entered into an agreement to acquire Australia’s leading airport F&B operator Airport Retail Enterprise (ARE). This brought 62 outlets, principally bars, casual dining restaurants and cafes, across seven Australian airports, expanding SSP’s footprint to Canberra, Mount Isa, Townsville and Gold Coast airports.

We now operate more than 100 units across 11 Australian airports and one rail station in most major Australian cities including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra, Hobart and Darwin.

Our impressive growth in the Australian travel market since 2009 is highlighted by the continual desire to provide the highest quality food and beverage experience to all travellers throughout Australia.

We’ve brought popular high street food brands to the travel market to provide a wide range of delicious food and beverages that meet the needs of our customers. We also create bespoke concepts tailored to specific travel hubs.

SSP currently operates more than 70 brands in Australia, including local favourites such as Cascade Bar, Newstead Brewing Co and Roll’d, alongside international superstars such as Yo! Sushi, KFC and Hungry Jacks. SSP Australia also operates a wide selection of bespoke brands, such as Two Johns Tap House Bar, The Common, Café Sol and Upper West Side Deli.

Key locations


Alice Springs Airport, Brisbane Airport, Canberra Airport, Darwin International Airport, Gold Coast Airport, Hobart International Airport, Melbourne Airport, Mount Isa Airport, Perth Airport, Sydney Airport, Townsville Airport


Central Railway Station, Sydney

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New business Australia

SSP expands its presence in Australia with the completion of the acquisition of ARE

SSP Group plc (“SSP” or “the Group”) has announced the completion of its acquisition of Airport Retail Enterprises Pty Ltd (“ARE”), a leading F&B operator in Australia, adding 62 outlets across seven airports to its portfolio: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Canberra, Townsville and Mount Isa.

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Australia Corporate

Acquisition of Australian airport Food & Beverage operator

SSP Group plc ("SSP" or "the Group"), a leading operator of restaurants, bars, cafes and other food and beverage outlets in travel locations across 36 countries, is pleased to announce it has entered into an agreement to acquire 100% of the shares of Airport Retail Enterprises Pty Ltd (“ARE”) in Australia.

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Australia Openings

SSP brings local culinary stars to Melbourne Airport

SSP Group has opened two new outlets in the Qantas Terminal 1 of Melbourne Airport.

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