Niche Creations

We are “Food Travel Experts”. The knowledge and experience we have isn’t limited to food, it extends to airports and travel locations as well as our understanding of travelers themselves. We address the unique gaps that exist within travel venues with an eclectic approach infused with ingenuity.

SSP’s kitchens spread far and wide – our imagination can trot around the globe and bring our partners the best, most innovative, hottest food trends from every corner of the world.

Together, we combine our knowledge of the traveler with our global network of food experts to form niche creations for the travel food and beverage market. Brands such as award winning Camden, which combines organic, healthy, fresh food options with convenient packaging in a visually engaging environment.

Another SSP original, Le Grand Comptoir, not only offers customers wines from the world’s best vineyards in a relaxed and beautifully modern setting – but also a gourmet bistro menu and premium bar so no wine lover is ever forced to forgo a complete meal for a glass of great wine nor part with a travel companion who would prefer a cocktail or handcrafted beer.

At SSP America, the sky is our only limit. We are driven to create innovative restaurants that meet the unique needs of today’s traveler.

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