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FRABEL (France, Belgium, Luxembourg): Brands

We’ve brought a number of popular high street food brands to the travel market, including local heroes such as La Tarte Tropézienne and Chez Pipo in Nice, and Oberweis and Moselier wine bar in Luxembourg Airport. We’re partnering with some of the region’s leading star chefs to provide outstanding food to travellers. Among these are Michel Rostang who designed the menu at Le Train Bleu, and Michel Roth with whom SSP partnered to open the restaurant Terroirs de Lorraine in Metz station. We also create bespoke concepts, tailored to specific travel hubs.

A selection of some of our brands is listed below.

Note that due to the Covid-19 crisis and its impact on the travel sector, we have had to temporarily close some of our units so may not be currently operating all of the brands shown.