Our Vision

At SSP America we believe every airport is, in part, an opportunity for a community to tell its culinary story. We passionately believe in community anchored dining–food and drink should deliver a taste of place. This essential truth about restaurants was the precursor to what we call the “Pitch,” our vision for our company.

When asked, “What do you do?”, we reply : “I’m a food travel expert from SSP America. We’re passionate about bringing cool, authentic restaurants to airports that reflect a taste of place.”

Our Passion

passion acrostic 2018The SSP America team may be spread out across a 17 million mile continental mass, but we’re aligned around our Passion Principles. The Principles speaks to the commitment we have for local and authentic restaurants, service, one another and more. The Principles keep us focused to not only our big-time vision, but the day-to-day interactions which culminate to a world-class culture.