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We constantly review our portfolio of owned and partner brands to ensure that we can offer each location the ideal mix of complementary brands. Our ongoing research into consumer behaviour, needs and attitudes ensures that each location has the right mix of brands to satisfy each of the primary customer segments and need states.

In this way we configure brand offerings to cater for both those time-constrained travellers looking for quick refreshment, as well as those looking for a more-refined or eclectic dining experience.

Travelling consumers cover the full range of need states and mindsets. Anticipating and meeting their needs for each location involves careful research and analysis to deliver the right mix of brands, offerings and experiences.

Because we represent a broad range of some of the world's most trusted and recognised food brands, we can configure food and beverage offerings for each location that creates truly unique and satisfying experiences. Where a gap in our offering is identified or anticipated we will work to add a trusted local or international partner brand to our portfolio, or create a new, bespoke brand to satisfy a particular demand.

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Phuket International Airport.

Phuket International Airport is the second busiest airport in Thailand

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