The art of Travel

Travel is no longer a privilege enjoyed by the few; it has become central to so many people's life experience. Globalisation, the democratisation of travel, the growth and prevalence of low cost carriers and a greater awareness of food provenance and health issues are changing the travel landscape and raising customer expectations.

As people spend more time, more often, in airports, train stations and other major travel hubs, they are becoming more discerning about what they eat and drink. The space in which they consume their purchases greatly enhances their experience. It is even more vital that quality, choice, service and value are consistently delivered at every customer touch point.

Travel expertise

Running a food and beverage operation in the demanding environment of a major travel location is a huge undertaking. It requires in-depth knowledge, experience and the highest operational and logistical standards and capabilities. Security and space restrictions, 24/7 operations and unpredictable customer volumes are just some of the unique challenges our people address on a daily basis.

Decades of experience

At SSP we draw upon our years of experience as well as a global breadth of expertise to ensure that each location meets and surpasses the expectations of our clients and travelling consumers, no matter what operational challenges are presented. Our operations are designed to anticipate and adapt to changing marketplaces, tastes and travel trends. As client and customer needs evolve, SSP will always be there to cater for them.

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