Our Approach

At the heart of SSP is an understanding, based on years of experience, research and innovation, of the changing needs and desires of travelling customers.

It is this understanding which informs our tailored approach to meeting the catering needs of each and every location in the SSP network.

We achieve this by carefully selecting the right mix of local, international and bespoke brands, prompting customer intrigue, excitement, recognition and satisfaction. In this way we deliver rewarding and fulfilling food experiences in each of our destinations worldwide.

 Our research enables us to closely match the mix of food offerings at each location to the profile of that location's travelling consumers.

 Our teams of professionals aim to deliver the very best service to our customers, delivering to the highest operational standards.




We are truly the Food Travel Experts, skilled in combining global reach with a distinctive local touch .

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Developing talented people is an essential part of being the Food Travel Experts .

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