Precious Congee

Precious Congee serves traditional Cantonese style congee and the popular ricesheet roll. Precious Congee has created a wide selection of congee, including fish ball freshly cook congee and abalone and chicken freshly cook congee. The contemporary design and decoration also appeals to a younger generation and promotes a congee eating culture.

On the menu, the core congee products are unmistakably of Cantonese origin and using the best ingredients such as salty pork, preserved egg, beef, pig blood pudding, threadlike squid to bring out the full flavours of the fine ingredients. In addition, Precious Congee also provides a range of snack items such as twisted doughnut, deep fried sesame ball, fried turnip cake, fried egg noodles in supreme soya sauce and glutinous rice dumplings with salted duck egg yolk.

6P036, Level 6, Sky Plaza, Terminal 2,
Hong Kong International Airport
Tel: +852 2261 0992   
Email: pct2 [ at ]
Operation Hours: Daily 06:30 - 21:00

Key Product - Casual Dining

Brand Category - Asian Brand

Sector - Airport

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