Hung's Delicacies

Hung's Delicacies is a Michelin Star Restaurant in Hong Kong featuring "Lo Soui" dishes.

Hung's Delicacies opens its first branch at Hong Kong International Airport in 2011, aiming to promote its significant marinated dishes to all food-lovers who look for value and excellence.

Signature dishes include Duck Tongues in Soya Sauce, Chinese Marinade Platter with Sliced Goose, Chicken Leg Tendons in Sesame Oil, and Braised Assorted Vegetable with Red Marinated Tofu Sauce. Certainly its Homemade MSG-free Cantonese Broth is another must-try that no food-lover affords to miss.

3P116/3P117, Level 3, SkyPlaza, Terminal 2, Hong Kong International Airport (Non- Restricted Area)
Tel: 3197 9332
Opening hours: 07:00am - 11:00pm

Key Product - Causal Dining

Brand Category - Local Brand

Sector - Airport

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