Saboten, originated in west Shinjuku district, Tokyo in 1966, is the largest Japanese tonkatsu (fried pork cutlet) chain in Japan, scaling nearly 500 restaurants in the country and is popular among tonkatsu lovers for its renowned heartfelt services, exquisite ingredients, and masterful skills.

The name Saboten is taken after the Japanese name for Cactus, whose vitality allows it to withstand waterless condition for half a year. This becomes a token for the restaurant for its vitality, popularity and longevity to customersí passion and satisfaction.

Saboten started to reach overseas market in 2001, with gradual expansion to Korea and Taiwan. In2010, Saboten opens its first store in Hong Kong at the Hong Kong International Airport operated by SSP HK.

Saboten has placed great emphasis on its recipes, using only the freshest and finest ingredients, carefully chosen around the region. Tomato, onion, carrot and apple are used in creating the unique home-made tonkatsu sauce. Together with the Koshihikaru rice which is renowned for the quality provides a delightful and irresistible aroma. The hogs are raised with great care in farms which have been awarded CAS double Excellency, they are fed with barley-added meals to produce a lean but slightly marbled meat that is very moist and succulent.

House specialties in the menu include, Tender Loin Set : - the softest part of pork whose fabulous taste is highlighted with Sabotenís skillful cooking and frying.
Loin Katsu Curry Set : traditionally deep-fried pork loin with premium quality releasing exotic relish with the curry unique from Saboten.

7E163, Level 7, Departure Level, Terminal 1, Hong Kong International Airport
(Restricted Area)
Tel: 3171 1984
Opening hours: 10:00am - 10:00pm

Key Product - Quick Service

Brand Category - Asian Brand

Sector - Airport

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