Happy Cup

Happy Cup provides a wide selection of freshly brewed tea and a variety of Taiwanese style drinks with elements of different natural flavours and specialty toppings. They enhance the drinks quality through “High Tech Tea Making” procedure. Standardization in the shop to ensure the consistency and quality of the drinks.

Happy Cup is owned by Select Service Partner Ltd, which is to deliver truthfully quality drinks to the customers and also to deliver the blissful and happy feelings to the customers. Selling a cup of drink should be more than just a transaction. The transactions should also share a blessing to the guests.

6P095, Level 6, Sky Plaza, Terminal 2,
Hong Kong International Airport (Non-Restricted Area)
+852 3197 9445
happycupt2 [ at ] ssp.com.hk
Daily 11:00 – 20:30

Key Product - Quick Service

Brand Category - Local Brand

Sector - Airport

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