Baikohken first opened in 1969 in the northern island of Hokkaido, Japan and has since grown to become an iconic international ramen store that represents the Asahikawa flavour. The brand won the Hokkaido Economy Championships in 1993.

Baikohken was later recommended in the 2012 Hokkaido Michelin Guide. That same year, the first Hong Kong outlet was launched and has become recognized by the Administrative Base Consolidation for SME as a successful overseas operation.

This upmarket ramen brand’s success is attributable to its insistence of exceptional quality food produce. Its rich soup base, created using fresh pork bones and an array of fish, resulting in a taste which is very delicate yet satisfying.

6W524, West Hall Airside, Terminal 1,
Hong Kong International Airport (Restricted Area)
+852 2167 8723
wh.baikohken [ at ]
Daily 07:00 – 21:30

Key Product - Casual dining

Brand Category - International Brand

Sector - Airport

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