Our Values

In SSP, our values of teamwork, quality and success are at the heart of our organisation and are interwoven through everything we do. With a network spanning 29 countries, it is our ability to harness the power of great teamwork that enables us to manage often complex operations and find new innovative ways of improving quality.

We firmly believe that it is the combination of great teamwork and a passion for quality that delivers success for our teams, clients and partners.

Our training and development programmes range from coffee school, driving sales, customer satisfaction and hygiene to the leadership and the development of SSP’s managers.

Bespoke management training

As part of our drive to provide the best possible learning environment and expertise for our staff, SSP has developed a partnership with leading restaurant and hotel school Rosen College, part of the University of Central Florida in Orlando. Rosen College has the world’s fastest growing hospitality program, with 2,200 undergraduate staff, 43 full time faculty members and four different degree programs. 

From 2008 to the end of 2013, more than 320 SSP managers worldwide completed the college’s industry renowned Multi-Site Management Programme, carefully tailored to the SSP business. The programme focussed on core business skills and improved the consistency of our operations, enabling us to attract and retain the very best talent to SSP.  


We are truly the Food Travel Experts, skilled in combining global reach with a distinctive local touch .

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Developing talented people is an essential part of being the Food Travel Experts .

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