SSP’s FoodLab and ADP run consumer taste-test at Paris-Charles de Gaulle

SSP in the News 27-November-2009

A pioneering day of taste-testing conducted by SSP’s culinary innovation team, FoodLab has given travellers at Paris-Charles de Gaulle the opportunity to choose a new dessert to feature on the airport’s menus.


Yesterday, 200 passengers tasted five chocolate desserts created by FoodLab, and then blind-tested three types of chocolate to determine the final ingredients of the chosen dessert.  The most popular will go on sale at SSP take-away units at Paris-Charles de Gaulle. The test was conducted by French marketing research organisation the BVA Institute, using a sample group representing a cross-section of international travellers.


Commenting on the test, Olivier Pichot, SSP FoodLab representative and founder of food consultancy Gourmet Consultants, said; ‘Working at the very heart of the airport, we want to create a custom-made dessert that pleases all travellers, no matter where they come from or what their preferences may be.’


Pierre Graff, Managing Director of Airports de Paris commented; ‘We understand the innovative capacity of the restaurants in our airport. Thanks to SSP’s initiative, the travellers of today are now choosing the airport products of tomorrow. This event is very much in line with our objectives on quality of service, which aim to improve customer satisfaction levels on a daily basis.’


Nick Inkster, CEO North and Western Europe, affirmed; ‘SSP’s primary objective is satisfying our customers - paying particular attention to the quality and freshness of our products, whether they are exotic new dishes or traditional favourites. The international reach of our business, together with our FoodLab, means we can develop the best dishes from cuisines across the world – and today that’s desserts based on a chocolate theme.’


The desserts tested were:

•       ”Croque Belle Hélène” by French Chef Stéphane Cathelin

•       Chocolate Anise Soup with “Spice Chocolate” croutons by Norwegian Tore Kristian Olsen

•       Deconstructed Forêt Noire by Dutch Chef Peter Van Den Bos

•       Chocolate Matcha Tea by Danish Chef Nicolaï Poulsen

•       Chocolate Burger “Don’t touch my Burger” by English Chef Sindy Kam Cheong

Every day 6,900 products are developed in the main kitchen of Paris-Charles de Gaulle by a team of 30 people working around the clock. Sandwiches, salads, pastries, baked goods and take-away meals are prepared to supply the 16 outlets in Terminal 1, 23 restaurants in Terminal 2, and two outlets in Terminal 3 of Airport Paris-Charles de Gaulle.


•       The chocolate dessert chosen by travellers will be offered at a price of approximately five Euros in approximately ten SSP take-away units across the three airport terminals.

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