Millie’s Cookies franchise to start operating in Malta

SSP in the News 21-February-2010

Millie’s Cookies is coming to Malta. With the first outlet due to be opened this coming April, the UK franchise is set to repeat its huge worldwide success here in Malta with its tempting array of muffins, cookies, cookie cakes, specialised coffees, flavoured lattes, smoothies, and original ice creams.

With 25 years of experience, Millie’s Cookies are made with only the finest quality ingredients. The strength of the concept behind the Millie’s Cookies brand lies in the fact that all the products are freshly baked all day, every day, at the actual outlet thus guaranteeing the best and freshest taste possible coupled with the unique indulgent goodness of the ingredients.

“We are overwhelmed by the enthusiasm and excitement that Millie’s Cookies is already generating amongst all those who are familiar with the brand and all that it represents especially from the increasing feedback and the anticipation which has been forthcoming through the Millie’s Cookies (Malta) fan page on Facebook,” said Robert Muscat and Clive Demicoli, the two entrepreneurs behind this venture. “We are particularly interested in the feedback that our customers will give us after they will have tasted not only the traditional cookie but the varied range of products which include muffins, hot drinks, shakes, smoothies, ice-creams, or any combination of these treats which our clients choose to snack on.”

Both Clive Demicoli and Robert Muscat were recently in Manchester where they successfully concluded the formal agreement with Joel Brook, Commercial Director of Select Service Partners, owners of the Millie’s Cookies brand.

“Millie’s Cookies are about premium ingredients, fresh baking and treating yourself and others. It is a youthful, fun, welcoming and friendly brand which takes pride in its unique and great tasting products,” adds Robert. “Millions of cookies are sold every year, not only in the traditional cookie format but also in the now famous Millie’s Celebration Cakes which come as a personal greeting iced on a giant cookie cake and very popular as gifts for special occasions. The concept of ‘pick and mix’ has become another important part of the expansion of Millie’s Cookies, with great tasting ice cream based shakes freshly mixed with any cookie and topping chosen by the customer. Worth a mention is the fact that Millie’s Cookies also have what many describe as the best muffin one can ever get to taste,” concluded Clive.

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