A truly exceptional dining experience is not limited to exquisite food and stellar service alone. Developing the right environment in which to engage and entertain our guests is critical to the overall ambience we wish to deliver. It’s the stepping out of the chaos of travel into a space that intrigues the senses and elevates the mood.

Innovative Design
SSP engages some of the best interior design firms in the world. We constantly challenge the boundaries of our imagination to build environments that truly connect with passenger needs – right down to the smallest but most clever little detail. With the creation of respite areas to soothe tired passengers and the implementation of wide aisles that accommodate carry-on luggage, our restaurants are all focused on the unique needs of passengers.

Life is in the Details
Every SSP America space presents an opportunity to provide a sanctuary, a zone of comfort, an escape from the world outside. Whether that space is lively and energetic or a moment of Zen, passengers can revel in the small comforts that truly make all the difference. Inspiring décor, pleasantly lit surroundings, display kitchens and music to entertain the senses - no detail is too insignificant for us to consider. After all, it is in the details that true style and innovation are born.

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