Our Community

At SSP, we know our guests are not just travelers - they are our partners, families, friends and neighbors. Our investment in the communities in which they live in is just as important as the food we serve them.

Positive Empowerment of our Diverse Community

SSP is fully committed to the positive empowerment of our diverse communities. We are dedicated to the people and initiatives that strengthen the wider community, reflect the diversity of our global reach and celebrate our uniqueness as individuals.

Respecting our associates as individuals by valuing their differences and elevating similarities is an integral part of SSP’s business strategy and serves to strengthen our company. On every level of our organization, we offer a qualified and energetic workforce that reflects the diversity of the communities in which we are privileged to serve.

We are investors in people. We are fully committed to all of our local and national minority partners, and goods and services providers throughout the U.S. Comprehensive industry sustainability, combined with the business aptitude and active operational talents of minority and women entrepreneurs, propel these strengths into efficient and energetic airport operations.

SSP recognizes local and national minority and women entrepreneurs (MBE/WBE/DBE) are key contributors and integral components of the airport business environment. Through SSP’s support of Airport Concessions Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (ACDBE) programs, SSP strives to mentor our partners in operating multiple dining facilities which offer wide ranges in cuisine, design, staffing and standards. We are committed to seeking entrepreneurial talents that will take our food expertise to the next level. We are restaurateurs, and it is an incredible synergy when we find individuals whose knowledge of the food service industry adds the right depth to our company. Not only are our partners involved with us on day-to-day operations, they work with us strategically to enhance our culinary vision and operational excellence.

Recognition of our Veteran Community

SSP America has a profound appreciation for the devotion and great sacrifice made by our veterans. For many of our vets, the transition back home is not an easy one. SSP is committed to helping our returning soldiers. We have partnered with USGAVE to welcome home our vets and help them to find new career opportunities within our industry.

USGAVE is an initiative, founded by veterans, providing unique career mentoring and opportunities to these courageous men and women who return home from their Iraq or Afghanistan service and begin the next chapter of their lives. It is an effort that recognizes their leadership, talent and sacrifice by developing entrepreneurial business opportunities and mentoring to complement their needs. The SSP/USGAVE initiative seeks to take those valuable professional life skills, cultivate them and provide a road map to a career as an airport concession owner/operator, helping to contribute to our commitment with the ACDBE program.


SSP’s passion for bringing the very best of cuisine to our traveling consumers is mirrored in our commitment to the health of Mother Earth.

Through the Going Green initiative, SSP strives to embed ecological solutions into our operations and designs. The use of reclaimed wood for countertops, low VOC paints, LED lighting, and decorative finishes made of organic materials are sustainable design elements that we are incorporating into our restaurants. We also recognize the immense opportunity we have to be kind to our planet by implementing sustainable dining operation practices such as recycling, conserving energy, and sourcing local products when possible.

Beyond implementing our own programs, SSP sees its airport presence as an opportunity to educate and inform the public not only about what we are doing, but also about what we all as individuals can do to preserve our place in the universe. We can’t imagine a better use of our own energy.


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